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Non- Oil Export in The Second Program of The Islamic Republic of Iran


Within the already ratified second cultural and socio-economic programs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a quantitative goal of a bout $ 27.5 billion has been considered for the exports (1994-1998), taking into account that an annual average of $ 5.5 billion of non-Petroleum goods also should be exported abroad. For instance, the volume of non-petroleum exports amounted to the total of 4.3 % for the 1994 fiscal year which consequently indicated the rational quantitative goals of the second program, considering the existing capacities and economical potentiality of the country.

The most significant policies for the non-petroleum export in the course of the second program are as follow:
n Reformation of the import / export law.
n Initiating appropriate policies for the foreign exchange and also suitable tariff, for constancy of the policies as well as encouraging the export
n Strengthening the export promotion bank.
n Determination of the limits and scops of the activities of the governmental, cooperative and private sectors.
n Continual supervision and evaluation of the export.
n Development of the non-petroleum barter exchanges.
n Initiating appropriate credit / tax-oriented policies.
n Efficient utilization of the commercial free zones for promotion of the exports.
n Harmonizing the present export organizations under supervision of a high council.
n Establishing and supporting the export unions and cooperatives.
n Allocating certain portion of productions to the export.
n Proper utilization of the mass media to promote marketing and advertizing.
n Application of relevant export incentives, if necessary.

mplementation of all the mentioned policies certainly depend both upon utilization of available possibilities and mobilization of all dedicated and specialized work-force. Consequently, maximized harmony and co-ordination among all organizations and ministries, entrusted with particular duties in the export arena, would facilitate the fulfilment of the export-oriented goals of the second program.