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A Glance At Iran's Geography


Geshm. A bright outlook onto active and exuberant iranian island on persian gulf
Islamic Republic of Iran is the vast plateau country, crossroads between the Middle East and the rest of Asia, a land where history and ancient civilisations are steeped in mystery and legend.

Ranking as the fifteenth populous country in the world, Iran with a total population of 58,500,000 demonstrated an annual growth of 3.6% during late 1980s and early 1990s.

Geographical location
Encompassing a 1,648195 Sq. km area and strategically located in the middle east region, Iran is situated both in the northern hemisphere and east of Greenwich meridian on 25-40 degree lat and 43-63 degree long.

Neighbouring countries
Iraq with 1,280 km border and Turkey with 470 km border neighbour Iran in the west. Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan republic together constitute a 1,740 km shared border with Iran in the north where as Afghanistan and Pakistan also share 1680 km borders with Iran in the east.

Islamic Republic of Iran's coastal lines include 700 km long strip by the Caspian sea in the north and 2000 km long coastal strip in Persian Gulf, in the south, extending from the Arvand river by the Iraqi border all the way to the Indian ocean via the Oman sea, thus exposing Iran to an overall 2700 km of strategically significant coast line with unique natural features

With the exception of Karoon river, 890 km in length and located in the southern region, majority of flowing rivers in Iran lack necessary geographical features and suitable natural conditions for international shipping or navigation.

Geographical and administrative divisions
Islamic Republic of Iran is officially divided into 25 provinces, 195 cities, 500 districts and also the city of Tehran and its suburbs, with over 10 million inhabitants, constitute the capital.

The following is a list of major cities and their distances from the capital:

Zahedan: 1605 km
Bandar Abbas: 1443 km
Bushehr: 1217 km
Kerman: 1064 km
Mashhad: 924 km
Kermanshah: 520 km
Ahwaz: 881 km
Dezfool: 747 km
Tabriz: 597 km
Sanandaj: 512 km
Esfahan: 414 km
Anzali: 363 km
Rasht: 325 km
Arak: 302 km
Babol: 211 km
Qom: 135 km

Time: GMT + 3.5 hr
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