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Sirjan Free Zone

An Economic Oasis with Superb Industrial Prospect


Sirjan is situated in a region, which on natural basis, considered as a passage-way of tranfer of imported commercial goods from the south (through the Persian Gulf).

In the southern region Shahid (martyr) Rajaie port, the greatest commercial port of the Persian Gulf with over 30m tons capacity, provides various services to Sirjan. From sirjan all kinds of products can easily be transported to different parts of the country.

Sirjan is also situated in a direction where both imports and exports to and from the central Asian countries, Caucasia and Russia take place through martyr Rajaie port. Products are transported from and to the eastern part of Iran, Europe and the Persian Gulf through this zone.


Although Sirjan is situated 300 km north of Bandar Abbas in the coastal region of the Persian Gulf it has moderate and dry climate. It provides the best conditions for warehousing products as well as industrial and commercial activities. Sirjan stands 1742m above sea level and the average annual rainfall in this region is 140mm.

Infrastructural facilities:
The important point to be noted in the relative advantages of Sirjan is the existing infrastructural facilities under operation, among which roads, rail ways, airports, water, power, gas and oil installations are certainly worth mentioning in Sirjan special trade zone.



Due to its special situation and its proximity to Kerman, Shahr-e-Babak and Rafasanjan, easy access to skilled and semi-skilled manpower is possible taking into consideration the existence of over 23 technical schools, 27 vocational schools, 6 agricultural training centers, 4 technological institutes, and over 10 vocational training centers. Access to specialized staff is also easy due to existence of universities including Shahid Bahonar university, other academic centers in Sirjan and Kerman such as Kerman medical science university, Sirjan Azad university, Sirjan Payam-e-Nour university, Rafasanjan medical sciences and Vali-e-Asr universities, and over 12,000 students enrolled in Azad and over 12,000 students in other universities of Kerman province.

Over 700 small and great industrial units in Kerman province and above 1,000 industrial units under investment reveal the managerial and industrial facilities and suitable potentials of the province in this zone.


Access to agricultural, mineral and industrial raw material:

Because of Sirjan's geographical and climatological situation and its proximity to main production centers of agricultural patch products, such as over 100,000 tons of pistachios in Rafasanjan, 100,000 tons of dates in Bam and over 300,000 hectares of citrous gardens such as orange, grape fruit, growth of over 500,000 tons of products and variety of harvestation of patch products such as tomatoes, various kinds of vegetables, cucumbers, water melons, etc. It is also enroute to transit products from the Fars province situated in a 300 km area, provides the means for securing a great number of agricultural products as raw materials in different seasons. The industrial raw materials are also mostly secured from great mines including: Sarcheshmeh copper mine of Rafasanjan, Gol-e-Gohar Iron ore mine of Sirjan, chromite of Esfandageh, Zarand coal mine, Sirjan Dolomite, Shahre-Babak Silica, and Sirjan marble mine.

The existence of great industries namely martyr Bahonar lateral copper industries, Kerman Rubber, Rafasanjan cable, etc. have provided suitable means for development of lateral industries which have mostly export aspects and consequently reinforce the export-oriented significance of the QFA.