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Import-Export By-laws in Brief

The commercial export and/or import of goods can be undertaken by virtue of a "commercial card" issued by the Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines (ICCIM) and endorsed by the Ministry of Commerce.
All directives and instructions pertinent to the export and import of goods will exclusively be notified by the Ministry of Commerce to relevant executive organizations.
Iranian carriers will have priority in transporting all goods for importation to the country.
Government and non-government importers are obliged to approach only the Ministry of Commerce for import authorization and order registration.
The government is granted authority to establish border markets, if it deems beneficial, at any of the border areas on a priority basis-namely local capabilities, employment requirements and promotion of trade relations with the neighboring countries.


Provisional imports, prior to exports, of materials and goods needed to manufacture, complement, finalize and pack goods for export will be exempt from all imported-related payments (less relevant costs and charges) on presentation of warranty or valid promissory notes to the Customs Administration.
Pursuant to executive bylaws, sums acquired by the Organization for the Protection of Consumers and Producers, and the Customs Administration, (less relevant costs and charges) in relation to foreign goods, materials, parts and components used in the production, completion and packaging of exportable goods will be repatriated to the exporter.
Incoming passengers, besides their personal effects, can also import goods within a specified value approved by the cabinet of ministers which will be exempt from customs and commercial tariffs.


Outgoing passengers (Iranians and foreign nationals) besides tickles up to a specified value.
Provincial and local authorities are prohibited from constituting and/or acquiring tariffs in any form from exportable goods. Offenders will be prosecuted.
In order to protect and promote the Persian carpet and create the appropriate grounds for its support in international markets, the Ministry of Commerce is obliged as of March 21, 1995 not to permit export of carpets above 30 knots without Certificate of Warranty. On the request of exporters, the ICCIM will issue the necessary warranty certificate for carpets.
Pursuant to ratification number H11555T/61212 dated May 17, 1995 all exporters of goods and services are obliged to furnish foreign exchange guarantees which commit them to repatriate 100% of the hard currency earned from exports within a specified period.


Price evaluation of goods-to determine the foreign exchange guarantee-will be undertaken as per views of the Pricing Committee which includes representatives from the Export Promotion Center of Iran (EPCI), Customs
Administration and the concerned ministry.
Exporters of hand-woven carpets should meet their (financial) commitments within eight months and those of all other goods within five months from the date of final shipment from the border.
Exporters are obliged to sell the foreign currency earned from exports to one of the state-owned banks at the rate of $1=Rials 3,000.
Under special circumstances exporters may utilize a portion of their foreign exchange earned from exports to import a specified category of goods after having fully disbursed with the bank.