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The Glory of Reconstruction


The capacity of the country's power stations has already increased to a total of 22139 megawatt in 1995 vis-a-vis that of 7024 megawatt in 1978 and hence indicating a 300% growth. More importantly, the production of electricity currently reaches 1350 KWH illustrating a 168% increase as compared with that of 1978. At present Iran exports its excessive generated electricity to the neighbouring countries. For instance, now Shahid Rajaee Power Station in Ghazvin annually generates 1,000 extra MW electricity which substantially adds to the power capacity of the country.

Shahid Ghandi telecommunication cable factory

Affiliated with and supported by the Post, Telegraph and Telephone Ministry, Shahid Ghandi Telecommunication Cable Factory was established in the city of Yazd and its production line soon began to operate in three separately programmed phases in 1984: the first phase which included the mass production of fiber-optic cables, the second phase which manufactured the copper cables and the third phase whose total installation has recently been completed.

Shahid Ghandi's annual production capacity now consists of 6,000 kilometers of fiber-optic cables as well as four billion meters of telecommunication conductors (copper cables) which would certainly reach to a eight billion meters capacity after the inauguration of the third phase. Presently, not only its products successfully meet the particular international standard (known as ISO 9000), but the factory itself is also ranked as one of the most reputable industries of its kind in the world.

After inauguration of Imam Khomeini Airport, now under construction on the outskirts of Tehran, 4.5 million passengers as well as 115 thousand tons of cargos will be transported annually.


The Imam Khomeini International Airport

According to available statistics in 1978 the total number of country's operational airports amounted to 24, with the capacity of handling 4.7 million passengers, and by 1995 the number of country's active airports capable of receiving and handling 16 million passengers increased to 32. Also the growth rate of various airports and their reception capacities have successively been 133% and 140% during post-revolution period. In 1995 approximately six million passengers were transported via country's numerous airlines, either on domestic or international flights.


Kangan Natural Gas Refinery

Islamic Republic of Iran contains 15% of the world's proven gas reserves
The government energy substitution-orientated policies for domestic consumption, natural gas instead of mineral oil, have demonstrated a 297% growth during post-revolution years. The total daily capacity of the newly constructed refineries at present stands over 134 million cubic meters while, according to existing statistics, the capacity of country's gas refineries in 1995 increased to 429% in comparison with that of the last year of the former regime. As a massive and significant project, with a capacity of 90 million cubic meters, "Kangan Natural Gas Refinery" is now capable of producing abundant supply of gas for the households as well as industrial consumption.