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Familiarity With the Country's Banking Systemts

Export Development Bank of Iran

The Export Development Bank of Iran was founded in 1991 and eversince its short inception has successfully managed to establish itself as the sole specialised "Exim-Bank" in the country. At present the established branches of the mentioned bank are fully active in nine large industrial cities of the country. More importantly, the domestic manufacturing and exporting potentialities could now gain access to foreign markets due to the bank's vital available financial aids and services.

The bank's main transactions:

Granting financial and credit-orientated aids (to exporters) for purchasing, processing, and other relevant expenses prior to exportation.

Providing necessary finances for purchasing "industrial capital goods.

Providing the exporters with financial sources in order to import raw materials and the needed machinery.

Issuing warranty documents / surety bond for the exporting companies.

Reinforcing the financial sources of road and sea transport fleet.

Cooperation in establishing goods processing-orientated terminals.

Cooperation on the export-related projects, within country's different free zones.

Undertaking, inspection, evaluation and approval of "buy back contracts."



The credit-orientated contracts signed with other countries

Granting credit to Turkeministan's Foreign Economy Bank

To purchase Iranian goods worth US$ 50 million.

Signing a bilateral credit-orientated contract with Libya amounting to US$ 20 million.

Taking necessary measures to sign a bilateral credit-orientated contract with Pakistan worth US$ 50 million.



Establishing and expanding banking transactions with foreign banks

Credit Swiss (Zurich)

Commerz and Deutche Banks (Germany)

Midland and Standard Charters (England)

O-Tokyo (Japan)

Commercial Bank (Italy)

Doha Bank (Qatar)

Pamouk Bank (Turkey)



Along with active participation in numerous international Conferences and Fairs the Export Development Bank, as the designated agent of the Islamic Development Bank, has also managed to achieve remarkable success in Long-Term Trade Financial Fund "LTTF." The fund was initially established with the ultimate goal of promoting commerce amongst the member states of "the Organisation of Islamic Conference," OIC