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Estern Azarbaijan at a Glance

Tabriz carpets, the most exquisite representation of the world-renowned Persian handicrafts


Encompassing a 44676.6 sq. km area, the Eastern Azarbaijan Province amounts to 20.8 % of the country's total area. According to latest divisional program, this province includes 40 cities, 16 towns, 35 townships and 134 aggregate of villages. As one of the most significant industrial and agricultural magnets in the country, Eastern Azarbaijan also contains various factories such as automotive, tractors, bearings, gearboxes and pumps manufacturing plants, food producing factories, chemical and pharmaceutical plants as well as building industries.



Tabriz, the capital of the province, is famous for its unique bazaar and monuments such as Arc Alishah, Masjed-e-kabood, Jameh Mosque, tombs of the poets (Magbar-e-shoara), the birth place of the leaders of constitutional revolution (Mashroteh) and thus is rightfully marked as one of the country's most important cultural and historical cities. Containing dug-in-stone houses and located near Tabriz, the village of Kandvan enjoys a pleasant climate and desirous mineral water and hence constitutes an ideal tourist center while Ill Goly Park, Ruin Mill (Asiab-Kharabe), St. Stepanos Church, Gonbade-Kabood (the Blue Dome), the Round Tower, Khajeh Nasir Observatory and the Babak Coastal Resort also include the other main attractions and places of historical interest in the region.