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(Free Trade Zone)

"Ideal natural and geographical features and appropriate industrial capacities maximize the prospects of Chah Bahar for becoming one of the world's significant free industrial zones."


Geographical and natural features:

Located in the vicinity of the city of Chah Bahar and encompassing a 14,000 hectare area, Chah Bahar free trade and industrial zone is both situated in the most south-eastern point of Iran's main land and on the coast of Chah Bahar Gulf. Distance wise, this region also constitutes the nearest port along the international water towards the middle - Asian countries. From climatological view point, Chah Bahar enjoys the coolest climate and also contains the most scenic coasts along the sea of Oman.Due to its unique strategic position and potential capacities suitable for transforming into one of the world's significant free industrial zones, quite appropriately 10,000 hectares out of Chah Bahar's total area is already allocated to industrial sector. More over, as the most secure region along, the coasts of sea of Oman and the Persian Gulf, this strategic zone is also situated in the direction of major shipping lanes and the favourable depth of oman's water within the coasts of Chah Bahar also provides this region with a superior natural feature. For instance, the depth of Oman's water in the surrounding areas of Chah Bahar reaches 3398m where as the depth along the straits of Hormoz is gradually reduced to 73m


Investment potentialities in Kish:

Existence of necessary infrastructure such as suitable roads for the rapid-transit of cargos from Chah Bahar to middle-Asia, appropriate port facilities capable of annually loading and unloading over 6.5 million tons of cargos, cheaper labour force or man power, accessible and reasonably - priced electric power (electricity) and other fossil fuels together distinguish Chah Bahar -- vis-a-vis other neighbouring areas-- as an outstanding and important trade and industrial zone. Consequently, construction of massive road transportation system, connection of Chah Bahar with Iran's national rail ways and thus with that of middle - Asia, construction of international airport in the of available possibilities, establishment of further port facilities, rapid establishment of domestic and foreign banking systems as well as local and international insurance agencies in this free industrial zone not only mark a great significance for the Chah Bahar free trade and industrial zone organization, but also constitute a top priority for the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran -- in so far as the development projects of the free trade zones are concerned.