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About ATC

ATC, a Canadian Company, was established in 2000 by Mr. Hamid Azimi with 20 years of experience in International Commercials, Import and Export fields in Iran, Canada, UAE, US, CIS, and Far East, who has completed successfully tens of business projects. Our Head office is located in Toronto.
Activities and Goals:
ATC is active in General Trade, Import and Export and its main goal is to bring together all business community specially those Canadians and Iranians who are involved in business and trade fields on the basis of Canadian style of planning and management.
Connections Possibility:
The Iran E-commerce website is one of our connections routes and channels which are a very strong possibility for offering thousands of offers placed Free of Charge in our website (www.iranecommerce.net) such as "Offers to buy and sell and so on".
This site is the first E-commerce website in Iran with more than 7000 users per day. ATC invites the companies who willing to enter the Iranian Market and seeking easy and available routes for connection and promotion of their expectations. So we will be pleased to receiving your suggestions, recommendations, etc.

Key Persons:

Mr. Hamid Azimi

Managing Director

Mr. Mehdi Azimi

Executive Director